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Yoga Your Way 30-min Discovery Session

Just beginning or returning to Yoga and need a plan to get you started? Step into our… office?

accesible yoga all bodies beginner introStarting up or returning to yoga is a challenge. It can be difficult to know which class is right for you and what postures may not be ideal for your body or your fitness, stress release, or other wellness goals.
Whether you are new to yoga, returning to your yoga practice/routine, or want to work on specific skills, let us help create a plan to reach your goals.
This 30-minute consultation will allow you to:
  • discover your current range of flexibility and unique anatomy.
  • determine the best ways to reach fitness and/or stress/anxiety reduction ideals.
  • learn the basics of modifying postures to meet your needs.
  • understand which yoga classes and styles will create a successful practice.
Plus, you will be given a take-home guide that includes customized postures and sequences to practice at your own pace.
Book this session and apply the $25 fee to any package or membership you purchase!
Please e-mail for more information.

Click here to book your Yoga Your Way Discovery Session | call/text 571-354-6165 | email for availability