Yoga Classes & Workshops to Fit YOUR Life

Yoga, meditation, and mindful movement are tools for a journey that encourages good health, self-awareness, and non-reactivity. Yet, too many of us feel we cannot step on a mat or feel at home in those spaces because we don’t look or move like we “should.”

This journey is not a competition; your yoga mat is no place for judgment. This is your time to take care of you, breath by breath, and forget the pressure, stress, and worries of the world… at least for a moment.

Samskara Yoga & Healing

Yoga & Meditation Practice Center

Our Classes fit all lives, all bodies, and all levels of experience.

Yoga and other mindful practices connect the body, mind, and spirit… breathing life into our movements while creating peaceful spaces in the chaos.

Samskara began as a community yoga studio, holding classes in parks, at farmers’ markets, in private homes, and public spaces across Northern Virginia. Everyone deserves a chance to find their own “yoga” – whether in a group fitness class, a one-on-one yin yoga session, meditation, or energy healing. Yoga is connection. At Samskara, we provide spaces and opportunities for our community to connect, grow, and make positive changes in life.

The Samskara Community Practice Center brings a wide range of mindful movement classes: vinyasa flow, power vinyasa, yin yoga, ashtanga yoga, gentle and chair yoga practices. We offer aerial yoga, reiki yoga, kids yoga, barre, and other opportunities to move mindfully, plus items and opportunities to create your own healing path. We have space for bodywork, reiki, and energy healing, reflexology, and other hands-on healing modalities. Plus, we host educational opportunities for teachers and the community that explore and encourage a deeper understanding of movement, breath, energy, and more.

Welcome to Samskara Yoga & Healing.

All levels, all ages, ALL bodies, and all levels of experience are welcome. Come as you are: bring your open mind and open heart… we’ll co-create the rest!

See our class schedule and try out a class or contact us for private or small group instruction!