Energy Wellness Services at Samskara Yoga

Reiki | Body Work | Sound/Vibration Sessions | Private Yoga/Meditation

Samskara Yoga & Healing in the Dulles 28 Shopping Center energetic wellness services include:

℘ Reiki: a popular and effective hands-on healing modality that allows you to break through energetic blockages that may be limiting your physical, mental, or emotional health.

℘ Bodywork services are defined by the individual practitioner and may include reflexology, myofascial release, Thai massage, and more. 

℘ Private Sound/Vibration healing sessions allow a meditative experience that is enhanced by the sound of crystal bowls, our gong, or drumming.

℘ Private Yoga/Meditation sessions bring personalized attention and instruction to those seeking more depth or understanding of those and other yoga modalities and practices.

Want to offer your energy wellness services at Samskara? Email to set up a time to talk.