Energy Wellness Services at Samskara Yoga

Reiki | Body Work | Sound/Vibration Sessions | Private Yoga/Meditation

Samskara Yoga & Healing in the Dulles 28 Shopping Center energetic wellness services include:

℘ Reiki: a popular and effective hands-on healing modality that allows you to break through energetic blockages that may be limiting your physical, mental, or emotional health. Schedule your appointment below!

℘ Bodywork services are defined by the individual practitioner and may include reflexology, myofascial release, Thai massage, and more. Please text 571-354-6165 to book.

℘ Private Sound/Vibration healing sessions allow a meditative experience that is enhanced by the sound of crystal bowls, our gong, or drumming. Please text 571-354-6165 to book.

℘ Private Yoga/Meditation sessions bring personalized attention and instruction to those seeking more depth or understanding of those and other yoga modalities and practices. Please text 571-354-6165 to book.

Want to offer your energy wellness services at Samskara? Email to set up a time to talk.

Reiki w/Cheryl

loudoun county reiki samskara yoga cheryl

Hi everyone! Let me introduce myself to you all. I am a Reiki Master. I first had my own first reiki session over 10 years ago however have always had a spiritual connection to the universe which has only gotten deeper over time. I have been a social worker with 20 years in the field of child welfare and decided that it is now my time to share my gifts with anyone who is open to receiving them. I moved back to NoVa during COVID and recently started my own business called Red Cardinal Healing for your reiki needs. In my free time, I love to be in nature, hiking with my dog, spending time with my grandkids, and have dabbled with intuitive tarot card readings. I offer in-person reiki sessions here at Samskara and would love to connect with you. You can find me on IG at @redcardinalhealing or on FB @ Red Cardinal Healing

Reflexology, Tuning Fork Treatments, & Reiki w/Tonia


Taking inspiration from global travels and educational experiences, Tonia strives to give you a holistic session that brings peace and joy. Each session is unique and designed to give you an experience that fits your needs for that moment. Serenity also comes from time, you will never feel rushed and we strive to ensure you leave feeling refreshed and your energy lifted.

You can find Tonia at or on Facebook