Samskara Yoga Dulles Sterling Ashburn

Yoga Essentials for Beginners Workshop at Samskara Yoga & Healing

yoga essentials beginner yoga online workshop samskara yoga dulles ashburnStarting a yoga practice can be challenging under the best circumstances. For many, that first step into DOING yoga is watching a video only there are tons of questions that still remain that the video simply cannot answer. In this online workshop, we will bring the best of live video and interaction together to help you start and understand the steps within a yoga practice.

You will learn:

  • Basic yoga postures and a “take-home” sequence (all it takes is 5 minutes a day!).
  • How to breathe during a yoga class (because that can be its own challenge!).
  • How to use various props that you can find at home or standard yoga props/technology at a studio.
  • Best practices for creating a space in your home for your yoga time and what that “should” look like (spoiler alert: it looks different for everyone).

Be prepared with:

  • Zoom for the live version (or watch later on our video site at
  • Comfortable clothing.
  • Your props and technology (blocks, chairs, walls, scarves, etc.)
  • Your questions and concerns about yoga.

Saturday, April 11, 12-2 PM

$25/person! Scholarships are available.

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