Samskara Yoga Dulles Sterling Ashburn

The POWER of Yoga: You are a WarriorI saw the look in your eyes. Strength poured out over your outstretched fingers as you stared, steadfast, at the threat before you. You didn’t blink. You held and released a victorious breath, holding your ground without flinching. You dared whoever or whatever was conjured during those moments to try and destroy your peace. In one cycle of breath, you became a warrior. Strong. Determined. Unstoppable.

I don’t know the words you held back as you stared so fiercely. I can only imagine the battles you face off your mat. I knew the reasons I practice yoga and saw solidarity in your stance. Our stance. We were both warriors at that moment, daring an enemy to trespass, to steal our peace created through breath, movement, and spirit.

Flip the palm, curl the fingers. Reach forward with shoulders high, heart open, feet rooted. Unstoppable, unwavering, unbelievable you. There is nothing stronger than you in this moment. Right now.

Your power, your edge, your determination. The depth from which you rise to the challenge. The transformation into your true, whole self, if just for the blink of an eye… it did not go unwitnessed. I saw you. You are UN-becoming, rediscovering your true nature. You are a fighter. Fighting to regain yourself while still holding onto the Self you have put back together, breath by breath.

You ask how you can be more flexible, stronger, more devoted. How to bend, flow, how to let go. Use these moments on your mat; bring them into your everyday movement. Connect your fierceness, your breath, your spirit in every action or inaction you take. Take your stance, ground down, and remain unmovable in your determination to connect. Stare the doubt in the eye and shake your head. You are strength embodied. You are the changemaker. You are a Warrior.

– CDS 2019