Samskara Yoga Dulles Sterling Ashburn

Tarot Symbols & Sigils Workshop at Samskara Yoga & Healing

tarot workshop dulles ashburn sterling chantillyIn this workshop, we will break down universal concepts hidden within the Tarot. Most tarot decks and systems use the same or similar symbols to express an idea or to tap into the reader’s intuition.  We will look at different symbols and sigils to help create an understanding of what the cards are trying to tell us, without referring to a long description of the card itself.

You do not need experience with Tarot cards to take this workshop, but you will need to bring or purchase your own 78-card deck (available in-store).

Schedule: March 6 or 8, 2020, 12-2 PM

$40/person. Registration closes 48 hours prior to event.

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