Spellbound Saturday | Feb 25, 2023 | 12-8 PM

enchanted spellbound saturday dulles ashburn sterling tarot crystals astrology aura photography

Stop by Venix Rising at Samskara Yoga in Dulles for Spellbound Saturday! This Open House event features local esoteric and healing arts practitioners ready to advise, guide, and help you along your path.

Spellbound Saturday Features:
~ On-site Aura Photography with AuraPhoto.us
~ Reiki Mini-Sessions with Cheryl or Valerie
~ Karmic Destiny Astrology Mini-Readings with Bree
~ Spiritual Compass Astrology Mini-Readings with Jason
~ Tarot Mini-Readings with Jason

2PM Dowsing Rod Demo led by Jason! 

While they can be used to find water, powerlines, and other things, Jason will use dowsing rods to demonstrate the aura.

Walk-ins are welcome or you may pre-book your Tarot, Reiki, Astrology, and Aura Photography appointments below (under the Spellbound Option). Appointments will get preference over walk-ins.

Please register for the Drum Circle & Gong Bath Here