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Soul searching intuitive wisdom workshop sterling ashburn dulles leesburg herndon chantilly Soul Searching: an Intuitive Wisdom Workshop Series

Do you remember a time when you felt passionate about life and excited about the future? Do you still have those feelings, or are they a distant memory, finding yourself feeling lost, aimless, and uninspired? If you are experiencing a disconnection from yourself, let’s talk about creating a shift within your inner world to change your external reality.
Join Katie Christian for a four-week discovery into what it is that is blocking you from movement and creativity and inspiration. You may not change your life but you may be able to recenter yourself and move forward into a less scattered, more determined YOU.
Give yourself this 4-week workshop series as the first step towards the next chapter of your life, a chapter written by you and based on the life that you want to create for yourself as you move forward on your journey.
Katie Christian is a Life Coach, Reiki Master, and intuitive reader/psychic in Loudoun County:
Like all of the other amazing people at Samskara, I have a passion for people and for life! I am a life coach and a Reiki Master, and I am pursuing a Master’s degree in counseling. I strive to model all that which I learn and I teach, and I aspire to guide others in recreating their lives and healing themselves by doing so myself. People come to me not just because I offer healing and intuitive readings, but also because they see that I believe in our brilliant potential as ever-changing, creative humans that are capable of anything!

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