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Room 111 | Energy Healing, Bodywork, Holistic Services

Room 111 | Energy Healing Space Available!

holistic energy healing samskara yogaThe Samskara Yoga & Healing Practice Center provides space for large to small classes, as well as a more private area for one-on-one or small group sessions.

Our Room 111, named for its 111 square feet of space, is large enough for at one massage table, two chairs, or floor space for up to 5 seated people. Practitioners of all healing modalities, metaphysics, divination, and other skills and gifts are welcome to rent our space to serve clients. This energy healing space is available in 90-minute blocks – 15 minutes for setup and cleanup on either side of an hour, to facilitate creating the ideal environment for your clients.

Please bear in mind that there are quieter times than others in the Practice Center, depending on the other classes or events occurring. While we do our best to reduce or eliminate noise in all of our rooms, practitioners who use headphones, music, or other sound therapeutics during sessions will likely have the best experience.

Interested in renting Room 111? Email us for our current rates and availability.

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