Samskara Yoga Dulles Sterling Ashburn

Celtic Cross Interpretations Tarot Workshop at Samskara Yoga & Healing

online tarot classes ashburn dulles sterling chantillyONLINE TAROT WORKSHOP VIA ZOOM!

As we continue our study of the tarot system, this workshop is an opportunity to dive into one of the most common tarot spreads – the Celtic Cross. We will discuss the origin of the spread, the specifics of the Celtic Cross layout and what the various positions mean when we place cards into those spots. We will have opportunities to discuss the relationship between the card, the position, and how that works together to frame (or tame!) our intuitive impressions.

Attendees must have their own 78-card Tarot Deck (no oracle/wisdom cards, please!).


Workshop schedule (online via ZOOM):

April 17: 12-2:30PM
April 19: 12-2:30PM

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