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Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training 

Ashtanga yoga is a challenging, yet holistic approach to mind, body, and breath awareness. As a “road map” of sorts, the Eight Limbs of Yoga that make up an Ashtanga yoga practice create a path to enlightenment. Samskara Yoga & Healing brings the study of Ashtanga Yoga and its eight limbs into a 200-hour yoga teacher training program as a solid foundation for success in life and as a yoga teacher.

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Through studying the Ashtanga Primary Series, meditation, the Yamas and Niyamas, students who enroll in this Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training program discover inner strength, softness, and an understanding of their own bodies, minds, and spirit. That basis allows the Ashtanga yoga teacher to conduct well-rounded classes in all styles of yoga, including vinyasa flow, yin, and hatha. An Ashtanga Yoga teacher training program establishes core postures and practices required to deepen the practice of yoga and teach to others.

Ready to learn more? The Samskara Yoga Teacher Training Program has several options each year to fit your schedule. Through Ashtanga yoga, vinyasa yoga, yin yoga, and inclusive, body-positive lessons, you will be given the tools to take your practice into a classroom setting, sharing your love for yoga, breath, and connection within your community. Head to our Yoga Teacher Training program page for all of the details!

The Samskara Yoga School (Samskara Yoga & Healing) in Loudoun County offers a program filled with tools and techniques needed to reach a variety of students’ needs. From breath work and mental focus to an understanding of the challenges faced by those just beginning a yoga or meditation practice, this 200-hour Yoga Alliance Approved course allows yoga teacher trainees the insight and understanding to teach the benefit of breath, movement, and drishti to ALL bodies.

Already an RYT, otherwise-trained Yoga Teacher, or just want to enhance your Ashtanga Yoga Practice? Join us for a 60-hour Teaching Ashtanga Yoga training series that will give you new skills, insight, and tools for your personal practice and to share within a classroom setting.

Our 2021 Teaching Ashtanga Yoga Training Dates are LIVE! 

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