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Teaching Ashtanga Yoga | Yoga Education CEU Module

Ashtanga yoga teacher training workshop ashburn dulles sterling va onlineDec 3-5, 17-19, 2021 & Jan 7-9 & 21-23, 2022 

This 100-Hour CEU program will provide students with the knowledge, tools, and space to teach a full or time-modified Ashtanga Primary Series yoga class with an understanding of the eight limbs of yoga and how to apply those concepts within a classroom, as well as within the students’ lives.
This training is designed for all bodies, all ages, and all levels of experience. 
Ashtanga yoga is a vigorous practice that has daily asana and self-study requirements. Students will be expected to journal their experience as well as attend classes OR reflect upon a home Ashtanga practice for 30 days beginning on the first day of this workshop. Students are expected to read three assigned books and be ready for a discussion of the topics within those books, including Yamas and Niyamas, Yoga Sutras, and the Ashtanga Primary Series.
All participants will learn how to teach the Ashtanga Primary Series within a classroom setting, including postures and how to cultivate an Ashtanga “experience” while remaining mindful of the various needs of students within the class.
Workshop cost: $899 plus books and Includes 30 days of online classes at Samskara Yoga (some restrictions apply). Payment plans are available.
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