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Ashtanga Weekend Workshop with David Williams

Ashtanga Weekend Workshop with David Williams Talk, questions and answers, and led pranayama and asana practice with David Williams, the first non-Indian to learn the entire Ashtanga Yoga system of asanas directly from K. Pattabhi Jois and Manju Jois. He is one of the few people certified by Pattabhi Jois to teach the complete Ashtanga Yoga Syllabus asanas and the pranayama.

David’s aim is to help each individual experience the most enjoyable, energizing yoga practice possible. He says, “The person most likely to practice tomorrow is the one who enjoys his/her practice the most today.”

Practicing Ashtanga with David will enable one to develop a yoga practice that one can continue enjoying for life. David’s goal is for each student to leave class feeling better than when he or she arrived; totally relaxed, but energized. Yoga should relieve pain, not become a new source of suffering. After almost 50 years of uninterrupted daily yoga practice, David’s first rule is, “If it hurts, you are doing it wrong!”

David’s workshop can be enjoyed by people of all ages, from beginners to advanced practitioners.


Saturday, July 18, 10AM to 12:30PM: Pranayama and Led Ashtanga Primary Series with David Williams

Ashtanga Primary Series and Pranayama with thorough explanations of every step. Discussion of how David thinks Ashtanga Yoga should be taught and practiced based on his 45+ years of daily practice and teaching. This class is the foundation for all students, and particularly teachers, who want a greater depth of understanding of the “big picture” of the most beneficial way to practice and teach Ashtanga.

Sunday, July 19, 10AM to 12:30PM: Pranayama and Introduction to Intermediate Series with David Williams

The second session of the Ashtanga Workshop includes pranayama led by David and an introduction to the second series in a way that everyone at all levels can try and enjoy.


My Search for Yoga is a hardbound book measuring 9” x 12.” It is 315 pages, weighs a little over 3 lbs., and has 132 color images that include 90 color images from those early days, 15 pages of my original documentation of the Ashtanga Yoga Syllabus, and more! Through my story, I hope my book will tell my part in the early history of how Ashtanga Yoga made its way out of Mysore, India, and into the lives of millions of practitioners around the world today.

Space and supplies are LIMITED! No refunds will be given after June 15, 2020.