Samskara Yoga Duck Army

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Experience Community Wellness.

Samskara Yoga & Healing offers yoga and other classes and workshops for all levels, ages, and abilities in non-traditional spaces. We value all areas of healing and wellness and believe there is no ONLY path to living one’s best life. The Samskara community practice center offers more than yoga classes. It is a space where the entire community can grow and join together to make each day a little better than before.

You don’t need a studio or a gym. You just need an open mind.

Your relationship with your body,¬† mind, and spirit is private. You could be an Instagram celebrity, or just enjoy the quiet time of a group meditation. Your path is your path, we are honored to bring you the classes, tools, and resources to make your life a little better. We began our journey offering free yoga classes throughout the community and have since found nothing but support and guidance in creating a space in Loudoun County where anyone can sweat, succeed, find balance, and leave just a little less “crazy” than when they came in.

Your time.

Your community.

Your wellness.

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