Develop Your Yoga Teacher Skills

Get Constructive Yoga Classroom Feedback

Discover Your Yoga Teacher Voice

Grow Your Yoga Practice

Most people aren’t ready to teach yoga, even after taking a yoga teacher training program… sound familiar?

Going through 200, 300, or 500+ hours of training doesn’t always prepare trainees to step in front of a room full of students OR meet the needs of a private client.

Yoga teacher training graduates (and those with related experience) need safe spaces to teach, get feedback, grow, and understand how to apply the vast amount of information into today’s classrooms.

Our Yoga Teacher Mentoring (YTM) program gives you real-world experience teaching yoga and/or meditation to others while providing invaluable feedback each time you teach. In 12 weeks, you will discover your own teaching voice, your strengths as a teacher, and be able to step confidently in front of a class of live students or create video classes to share online.

Our YTM program is open to anyone, anywhere, and will be completed in a virtual/live classroom. We have minimum/maximum numbers of students required for each YTM “pod” and will work to ensure live training regardless of time zones or other schedule concerns.

12 Weeks – $299