Jerome Schlafer Yoga Teacher SamskaraJerome Schlafer

Have you ever met a ROCKSTAR YOGI? Hi, I’m Jerome.

Exploring my boundaries & limits in my personal practice allows me to teach you how to experience the limitless depth of your sensations and edges.

I began my yoga journey twelve years ago, as a runner looking for a way to ease injuries I had experienced. As with most yoga practitioners, I was in it for the physical benefit. I found myself hooked on the results I felt in my body, and how my running and triathlon training benefitted from my yoga practice.

At the same time, it was the physical practice that quickly drew me into breath, meditation, and flow.
I discovered so many additional mental, spiritual, and emotional benefits to yoga. I knew my next step would be to become a yoga teacher.

In 2013, I received my 200-hour yoga teacher certification. In 2018, I will complete my 500-hour yoga teacher training.

Welcome to the edge of your comfort zone.

I share with you my heart, my joy, my spirit of “never being Unfun,” and my love of music. I invite you to do the same. You’ll find time to explore and experience a traditional yoga practice in a non-traditional, no judgment atmosphere where you can be who you are and learn to have fun, joy, and peace.

Understanding the edges we feel emotionally, spiritually, and mentally can be best felt in the physical body. Once you leave class you will have a much clearer understanding of your own edges in life, and how to navigate your world through the power of your own breath.

The love and light me bows in honor to the love and light in you. Namaste.

Jerome has been practicing yoga for over 12 years, and currently holds E-RYT200, and YACEP (Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider) certifications through Yoga Alliance. Jerome also completed requirements as a Yoga Teacher Training Faculty member and will complete 300 more hours of yoga (totaling 500 hours) teacher training education in 2018.

Chelsea D. Snyder Yoga SamskaraChelsea D. Snyder

One morning, I awoke to the music of Stevie Wonder and a voice laughing as he called out various yoga poses to his class. Groggily, I stared at the television, suspicious and superstitious, watching one of the most fascinating yoga practices I had ever watched.

Technically, it was the only yoga practice I had ever watched. However, I was not a stranger to yoga. I had practiced asana for a few months in college, soundtracked by a full pipe organ in the basement of a chapel. Then there was the one notable yoga exception that led to a pretty crazy birth story, and crazier child at the end of that journey.

My first brush with my yogic destiny occurred in elementary school when I had to model some type of exercise for gym class. Oblivious to anything resembling yoga, I placed the soles of my feet together, dropped my knees open and demonstrated baddha konasana (butterfly), like a boss. I was clearly a yogi in a different life. Or, I just didn’t want to show off my natural ability to fall out of a chair while sitting in it.

I digress. Mostly.

Why didn’t I become a yoga teacher decades ago? Well, I was allergic to exercise and sweat was a neurotoxin I diligently avoided. Yes, yoga was amazing and incredible, and I definitely had a knack for it. But yoga was still exercise and that made it a bad career choice, given my intolerance for anything healthy. To this day, I regularly make bad choices I later regret.

Fast forward to the 2000s!

With the help of Stevie Wonder and Steve Ross (I *heart* Steves, I guess), I began doing yoga every damn day. I was out of shape, eating like crap, and chemically surviving each day while battling depression, anxiety, and the life of a single mom-to-be. 15 minutes a day led to 20 minutes, and then 30. Within a month or so, I was regularly practicing at home for an hour… every damn day.

My college class was hatha yoga. Steve Ross taught me how to flow. From there, I practiced power vinyasa and vinyasa flow, then yin and restorative yoga, as well as Ashtanga yoga… just about anything I could find. Seven years later, give or take, I became a yoga teacher and then an RYT (in that order… that’s another story, too).

What to expect in my classes? Authenticity, realistic expectations, messing up my right and left sides (and yours) and humor. I may be the one calling out poses, but I’m still practicing yoga just as much as you are.

Here’s to your wisdom, your kind words, and good wishes for yourself and for the world. Namaste.

Chelsea D. Snyder has been regularly practicing yoga since 2008 and began teaching yoga in 2016. Chelsea is also a Reiki Master (2012), author, marketing consultant and business owner.


Michelle Labbe

michelle labbe kids yogaMichelle is local to the Northern Virginia area since childhood.  She teaches Elementary Art for Loudoun County Public Schools.  She has been practicing yoga for over 15 years and decided to become a yoga instructor so that she could teach mindfulness and self-awareness to her students.  Michelle completed her Children’s Yoga Instructor Certification, to further her knowledge of the positive impact and benefits that yoga offers to kids.  In her free time, Michelle enjoys being at home with her two kittens, Leo and Jynx, spending time with her nieces and nephew, going to concerts, watching 80’s movies, and reading all sorts of books 🙂

Caitlin Vives

caitlin kids yoga

I am a mom of three close-in-age, beautifully individual children. Not only have my children taught me resilience, courage, and patience, but they have shown me the necessity of play in every single day no matter your age.

My journey into yoga started years before I became a mom when I dabbled in WiiFit yoga after long days spent in the cubicle farm. WiiFit was eventually replaced with Jillian Michaels DVDs and yoga was forgotten. It wasn’t until years later, while wrangling three kids under 4-years old, that my return to yoga commenced.

As a breast milk donor with three spunky little ones, I knew I needed exercise that extended beyond climbing up playground equipment to fetch my toddler while I simultaneously wearing and nursing my littlest. Though quite the core workout and ego check, that near-daily activity wasn’t meeting my fitness needs. So I recalled my former jaunt with yoga and tried PiYo, which lead me to YouTube yoga videos. Three years later, I had a years-long daily asana practice routine, which had revealed to me how much more yoga was than “just a workout.” Next thing I knew, I was completing my 200-hour yoga teacher training.

And here I am. Mom of three, former cubicle-dweller, living my newfound dream of bringing the beautiful healing power of yoga to children.

As a mom to a strong-willed daughter, a sparkly ballet-enthusiast son, and a rough-and-tumble son, I appreciate the individuality of each practitioner. I strive to make my classes a safe, engaging space where every child feels seen, heard, and valued. Each student is encouraged to shine their unique light and is genuinely appreciated for who they are.

I bring age-appropriate elements of adult yoga classes into every one of my kids programs. We don’t do things all that differently from the adults; we just share way more giggles than adults yogins do.

Confidence, self-awareness, and emotional intelligence are what I strive to foster in every child who practices with me. And laughter. Always laughter.