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Tales of the Major Arcana Tarot Workshop

Tales of the Major Arcana Tarot Workshop

major arcana tarot workshop dulles ashburn sterling chantillyTarot cards have a history that dates back to 700 years (possibly longer). Each true tarot deck contains 22 Major Arcana cards that can be used as a smaller, standalone deck to answer questions and give insight. As we go through our own Tarot learning journey in 2020, we will begin with the Major Arcana “deck,” learning how to interpret these cards in ways that are meaningful and memorable to us.

The Tales of the Major Arcana Workshop will focus on the journey of the Major Arcana… from The Fool through The World. We will learn traditional meanings, but also use our own intuition to create a Tarot system that is much easier to understand than trying to memorize paragraphs of information.

Select tarot spreads will also be used to begin to understand the relationship between the meaning of a card, and the answer/insight it gives based upon where the card is laid out.

YOU MUST BRING YOUR OWN 78-CARD TAROT DECK FOR THIS WORKSHOP. We will have a limited supply available for purchase, too.
These small group workshops have limited seating available. Please register early to ensure your spot is available.
Dates/Times: Feb 7 OR Feb 16, 12-2 PM. $30 Online, $40 at the door (if space is available)

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