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Samskara Yoga & Healing | Burn Off the Crazy in Northern Virginia!

Samskara Yoga Healing loudoun fairfax vinyasa beginner yin ashtangaSamskara Yoga & Healing in Sterling, VA, is open for business!

We are bringing yoga back into the Loudoun and Fairfax communities. Through a non-traditional and non-judgmental approach to yoga, the teachers of Samskara Yoga & Healing hope more people can experience the life-changing value of a regular yoga practice.

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Not everyone enjoys gyms or fitness centers. Yoga studios can be intimidating, especially to those who are just starting a yoga practice. By holding classes in familiar spaces and meeting students where they are, yoga becomes more about learning about breath, poses, and practices, than memberships and machines. From there, students are instilled with the confidence needed to continue their practice with Samskara Yoga or venture back into more traditional yoga spaces… and, of course, deepen their own yoga practice at home.

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Samskara Yoga & Healing strongly supports students off the mat, too. With regular, no-cost/donation-based events and classes, we are able to share our yoga experience with the community and then use the proceeds from any event to benefit local non-profit organizations. Giving back, service, or seva, is the vision of Samskara Yoga & Healing.

Yoga increases awareness… awareness dissolves samskaras.

Allowing others to break patterns, or samskaras, starts with giving everyone the chance to come as they are, where they are, and leave just a little less “crazy” than they came.




Ready to try a class? Our yoga schedule is online! We have regular beginner, power vinyasa, yin and ashtanga classes in Loudoun and Fairfax Counties. Every Sunday, we host a free (donations are welcome!) Ashtanga practice at Algonkian park! We also love hosting community yoga events and workshops! Sign up online, follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, and stay informed of our latest developments!

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