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Samskara Community Yoga Challenge! Instagram to Win!

Community Yoga Challenge by Samskara Yoga & Healing

Community Yoga Challenge IG Square

Get creative, have fun, win prizes!!

The first ever Samskara Yoga & Healing Community Yoga challenge starts on July 1! Join us for 15 days of yoga in community spaces. Get out of the studio; the world is your practice space!



Buddha Cat

From July 1 – 15, we want to see your most creative community spots to bust out an asana. This challenge is for all levels and all ages (with parent permission, of course). We are naming poses and giving suggestions in which to make those shapes, but YOU are the final judge of where your community yoga will take you!




della terra organics

della Terra

ONE PERSON will win prizes from Samskara Yoga & Healing, SAVASANATION!, della Terra, Buddha Cat, and Thomas Michael Fashions!







Here’s how you play along:

  1. Post the challenge graphic on your Instagram account, and be sure to tag your friends!
  2. Keep an eye on the @samskarayogahealing Instagram account at the end of June for inspiration and any additional info we probably forgot to mention.
  3. Use the hashtags (like #samskarayogavachallenge) in your posts, and make sure your account is public, so we can all see what you’re up to!
  4. Have fun, get creative, show the world YOUR yoga!

Daily Post Instructions:

For each photo (please only post one photo per day), format your posts like this:

Day 1 of the Samskara Yoga & Healing Community Yoga Challenge!

#childspose at “@kidsplace” [tag the place you are snapping the photo if possible]

[add your comments if any]

[tag sponsors] @samskarayogava @savasanation @dellaterraorganics @i.am.buddhacat

[hashtags] #samskarayogavachallenge #communityyoga #samskayayogava #savasanation #doyogafeelbetterrepeat #putsomeyogaonit #IGyogachallenge #dellaterraorganics #iambuddhacat  [add your own!]

 15 Day Yoga Challenge

  1. Childs Pose – Playground/Kids Community/Kids Museum
  2. Cat/Cow – Animals/Farm/Dairy Aisle
  3. Down Dog – Animal Shelter/Pet Park
  4. Plank – Boat/Ship/Boat Dock/Park
  5. Chair – Senior Center/School/Shelter
  6. Warrior 1- Veterans/Military/First Responders
  7. Warrior 2 – Hospital/Nurse/Doctor
  8. Prayer Twist –Church/Sanctuary/Place of Devotion
  9. Triangle – Museums/Monuments/Shapes
  10. Temple Dancer – Numbers/Outdoor Clocks
  11. Tree – Nature/Forest/Park/Botanical Garden
  12. Butterfly – Garden
  13. Bridge – Public area/Waterway
  14. Waterfall – Pond/Stream/Lake/Creek/Mountains
  15. Savasana – Your place of rest and peace


1) Photos can be taken anytime and uploaded each day during the challenge.

2) Sponsors/hashtags can be saved onto your phone (clip tray, Google Keep, etc) and then copied/pasted

3) If you don’t have a location to fit a pose, get creative. As long as you are out and about, it probably counts!

Questions? Message us!



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