Samskara Yoga Duck Army

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Community yoga and wellness is our Dharma: a core value of Samskara Yoga & Healing.

Samskara Yoga & Healing began as a movement to bring yoga into community spaces. We strongly believe that a regular, breath-to-movement practice is beneficial to all bodies. Yet, not everyone wants to be in a yoga studio or a gym. Heck, not everyone wants to do yoga. Yet, here we are!

We offer classes in public spaces across the area. Yoga in the parks. Yoga in your backyard. Yoga at the Library and more. Everyone can experience a yoga or wellness practice that benefits them…mind, body, spirit… without spending a dime.

If you’d like to donate (cash, yoga mats, supplies, time), contact us! If you would like to register, follow the link below. No one gets turned away because they can’t pay.


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