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The Samskara Yoga & Healing practice center steps away from a traditional yoga studio in many ways. Our commitment to bringing wellness into the community means that we provide healing space, resources, and connections along with classes and workshops.

Our 111 Sq. Foot Energy Room is designed to create these connections in a one-on-one or small group setting. Practitioners may reserve this room for a fee and begin to build their business and presence within our community and beyond. Please email us for current rates.

We are building a list of local and national holistic services providers that will be utilized for referrals by those who come in for classes, workshops, or information. Every now and then, we will even have smaller spotlight events to showcase local holistic businesses, services, and practitioners.

We also offer our larger spaces for holistic health, healing, and wellness workshops. Please fill out our application at teach.samskara.yoga to let us know more about what types of workshops you would like to teach.

Our Vinyard Vinyasa Retreat house is available to anyone who needs to get away, reflect, or join in one of our retreats in Arkansas Wine Country.

From energy healing to holistic nutrition, life coaching, divination classes and more, Samskara Yoga & Healing brings opportunities to enrich the lives of those in our community, both locally and globally.

P.S. Check out our LoCo Wellness events that take on community health, fitness, and wellness in thunderous ways!

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