Community Meditation at Samskara Yoga & Healing


Community Meditation at Samskara Yoga & Healing

meditation in sterling dulles ashburn herndon chantillyA regular meditation practice can change lives forever. From reducing stress to kicking bad habits, meditation brings insight and understanding into the body, mind, spirit, and thus… the world beyond. Meditation is a practice, one that takes time to develop, and one that is never perfect. Join us for our weekly meditation sessions and allow yourself the time to experience your breath on a deeper, more influential level.

These sessions are open to all levels of meditation understanding and are at no cost. Donations are always appreciated, or pay it forward!

Give yourself the chance to let go of the lists in your mind, the endless worry, the stress of work, kids, HOAs (haha), and the need for “success.” Develop a better relationship with yourself through meditation and breath, and discover a much more manageable “real world” every time you step through the doors.

We also offer opportunities for private meditation coaching and workshops. Please email for information.

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