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Intro to Yoga

Intro yoga beginners dulles sterling ashburn herndon chantillyBeginning a yoga practice is a major step for anyone! Mobility challenges, injuries, or a “lack of flexibility” stop too many people from enjoying the benefits of yoga. Our series of gentle classes help change that perception, allowing all bodies to find an entrance into a yoga practice. Your body IS a yoga body. 

Yoga is not a practice that lives in gyms, studios, or fitness centers. Yoga is a practice that we can bring home and work on, in our own time. Just like any new activity, hobby, or lifestyle choice, it always helps to take the time to learn the basics. Yoga is no different!




Gentle/Chair Yoga

gentle chair yoga dulles sterling ashburn chantilly leesburgWe offer three different low-intensity classes that help ease you into a new practice or rediscover your self on your yoga mat. Our Intro to Yoga class provides the space and understanding of your unique needs as a brand new yogi or challenges you may face due to injuries or other mobility concerns.

From there, or just to try something different, we offer Gentle/Chair Yoga to help build upon those skills or offer a unique, but potentially vigorous experience utilizing chairs and other structured props or postures.



Balanced Body Yoga

balanced body slow flow yin dulles sterling ashburn herndon chantillyWhether you are a new yoga student or you are looking for an alternative to more challenging vinyasa flow, slow flow, or power yoga classes, our Balanced Body Yoga class is the best of all worlds. Gentle enough for Pre-natal students, yet just enough of a workout to make even the most experienced Vinyasa or Ashtanga break a sweat, this class will leave you feeling a true balance of your yang and yin energies.


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