Small Group Fitness and Barre Classes in Dulles

Small Group Barre and Fitness Classes at Samskara Yoga & Healing

barre and small group fitness in loudoun ashburn dulles sterlingYoga, pilates, core, functional strength, and a LOT of fun! Mindfully strengthen your body and mind. No yoga, or fitness experience is necessary; all of our small group fitness, barre, and core classes teach to all levels of fitness.

Barre classes combine a rhythmic experience with core/strength training, pilates, and yoga. You will sweat and you may shake, and you will definitely have fun and leave feeling more empowered than ever!
  • Barre Fusion: 60-minutes of full-body strengthening & toning.
  • Barre Access: 45-minutes of barre at a slower pace.
Core dynamics works all sides of your torso, as well as the connecting structures that keep you upright. These classes are designed to enhance your current fitness lifestyle, as well as bring more healthier, functional movement into your day. Class size is limited in order to achieve a personal experience to help meet your fitness goals. SLP! Squats, Lunges, and Planks is the class for those who want a sweaty, body-sculpt class in a small group setting. This class uses hand weights to increase the effect of yoga and interval training sequences. Bring water, a towel, and your best game face. THESE CLASSES AND ANY OF OUR AERIAL WELLNESS CLASSES ARE AVAILABLE FOR PRIVATE SMALL GROUP TRAINING! Contact us for more information.  

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