Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga

Ashtanga Yoga in Dulles: Tradition meets Power

ashtanga yoga sterling dulles ashburn At Samskara Yoga & Healing, we teach, breathe, eat, and sleep Ashtanga yoga. From our Yoga Teacher Training programs to our daily Ashtanga classes and Mysore practices, you will learn more about this traditional, challenging, and holistic practice each time you step into our Practice Center.

Ashtanga yoga is an eight-limbed practice of postures, living actions and insights, breath awareness and more. Asana (postures) are just the beginning on this journey within your own self. Read more here: What is Ashtanga Yoga?

Why Ashtanga yoga? In each class, you will be able to build upon your own understanding of how your mind and body work together. Ashtanga yoga asana and sequencing is repeated in the same order in each class to provide a frame of reference as well as a foundation for strength, flexibility, and motivation. What to expect in an Ashtanga class/practice: 60-90 minutes (depending on the class you choose) of Primary Series movement and postures. From Sun salutations through back bends, this practice is challenging, vigorous, and unforgettable. Please bring a towel and water and dress in comfortable clothing. There may be chanting and pranayama (breathing) exercises in addition to the postures. ashtanga yoga sterling dulles ashburnWhat to expect in Ashtanga Mysore time: When you book your Mysore time, we will have an Ashtanga teacher available as a guide for your own private practice. Unlike a regular Ashtanga class or practice, the teacher will give you a series of postures to work on during the time you are there. You may only complete 1 posture (and that is okay!) or you may get through half of the Primary Series. Mysore time is not a yoga class, but an opportunity to work on the postures as they fit with your body, in your own time, listening to your own self. Interested in Teaching Ashtanga Yoga? See our Yoga Teacher Training 200-hour Programs or 60-hour CEU Modules. Click here for YTT information

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