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At Samskara Yoga & Healing, we are proud to offer several aerial yoga, wellness, and fitness experiences and classes.

  • Aerial Elements: Aerial yoga, fitness, and wellness gives us a new perspective and emboldens our connection to our body. We build muscle, flexibility, range of motion, and the courage to leap into a new way of thinking about mindful movement and wellness (beginners & home practitioners).
  • Aerial Warrior: Aerial yoga flow with tantric exploration of sensation and movement (intermediate, some aerial and grounded yoga experience recommended).
  • Aerial Replenish: Aerial yin-storative (aerial restorative/aerial yin) classes combine the support of our hammocks with the stability of a more grounded (low-to-the-ground) experience to help release and restore body, mind, and spirit (beginners & yin/restorative fans).
  • Aerial Flex: Take your workout up a level! Pairing a full-body workout with fabric hammocks improves flexibility, range of motion, balance, and core strength 
  • Aerial Float: Teacher-led meditations and sound therapeutic sessions held in hammocks. (click here to schedule)
  • Aerial Open Hammock: Approved students may come in to use our hammocks to achieve their own fitness/wellness goals without a guided class. (HIATUS DUE TO COVID)
  • Private parties, team building, and aerial adventures: Contact us directly for your next small group gathering! Choose from aerial yoga,esoteric services, meditation, and more!

Aerial Yoga & Wellness Etiquette

  • You must reserve your spot in the class – walk-ins may not be admitted to class if a space has been reserved.
  • Please plan to arrive at least 15 minutes prior to a class to make sure your hammock is at the proper height.
  • If you are more than 5 minutes late, your spot may be given to another student, and your class fee will not be refunded.
  • No jewelry, zippered clothing, or anything metallic or sharp may be worn during class.
  • Please wear sleeves and pants that will cover up sensitive skin and reduce friction in delicate areas of the body.
  • We offer aerial yoga/wellness classes and opportunities for “open hammock” time. We are not safety rated for any other aerial activities. If you attempt any postures or activities above and beyond our instruction, you will be immediately asked to leave without a refund. 
  • Do not attend class if you are sick (colds, flu), injured, or have any open sores, wounds, or other medical issues that could affect our other students or your own safety.
  • No perfumes, essential oils, lotions, or other fragrances may be worn during class.
  • No smoking or vaping before class (if we can smell smoke/vape on you, you cannot participate in the class).
  • These guidelines are subject to change.

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