Yoga Foundations and Beginner Yoga Classes

beginner yoga foundations sterling herndonBeginning a yoga practice is a major step for anyone, and even just trying out a yoga class for the first time is a milestone. Yoga is not a practice that lives in gyms, studios, or fitness centers. Yoga is a practice that we can bring home and work on, in our own time. Just like any new activity, hobby, or lifestyle choice, it always helps to take the time to learn the basics. Yoga is no different!

Our Yoga Foundations class offers a Yoga 101 experience to all students, whether it is their first time on a mat or they have been practicing for years. For beginners, you will experience a slow and steady rhythm that guides you through basic yoga postures and a yoga “flow” practice.

More experienced yogis can build upon their current practice with a yoga foundations class, too! Strengthening a practice through repetition and revisiting our journey helps build on knowledge, insight, and the physical benefits of yoga. We hold foundational postures longer, allowing increased strength and power moves as desired.

See our Yoga Foundations (Beginner Yoga) Class Schedule Below!